Premium Cellar Doors

Connecticut Cellar Doors, LLC is pleased to offer our Premium custom fabricated, 12-gauge steel cellar door to fit any size and shape of installation. Whether you need a replacement for an old and rusted door or if you’re retrofitting a leaking or damaged wooden hatchway, our Premium 12-gauge steel hatchway will be custom fabricated for a perfect fit!

Our Premium custom fabricated door is available to fit any type of installation.

This all-welded 12-gauge custom fabricated door is designed for rigidity and exceptional durability. The all-steel hinges are the strongest in the industry. All of our Premium doors come with slide-bar locks and is completely coated in a red oxide primer making your hatchway ready to be painted.

One of our Professional Planning Representatives will come to your home, measure and design a door that will fit your home’s hatch opening properly. No compromises. In addition, all of our cellar hatchways are provided with a written two-year, watertight warranty in addition to the 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. Our Premium door will give you years and years of trouble free, watertight service, not to mention a higher level of security due to its unique design.

We have designed or Premium door to come in “standard” sizes as well. This will allow you to purchase a superior door at base model pricing!

Additional Premium Options

Since your door is totally custom fabricated, you can choose from a variety of options (at additional charge):

  • Premium Baked on Powder Coating
    Comes in a variety of colors to virtually eliminate painting your doors.
  • Gas Pistons
    Eases the opening and closing of the door panels.
  • Hasp or Keyed Locks
    Adds extra security to your entry.

What makes this a Premium cellar door?

  • Custom made to fit properly – no compromises
  • Available for flat foundations, sloped masonry foundations, corner installations, ANY situation!
  • All welded construction for rigidity and durability
  • Strongest hinges in the industry
  • Cast aluminum handles
  • A Coil Spring is used on each hinge for easy opening
  • Keep-Open bar is easy to use to secure the doors in the open position
  • Slide-bar lock provides safety and security
  • Red Oxide Primer
  • Guaranteed many years of leak free, trouble free service