Basement Entry Doors

Our superior line of Bottom Entry Doors makes your cellar door installation complete. Bottom Entry Doors are installed inside your cellar foundation, at the bottom of the stairs. Bottom Entry Doors also known as BED’s, secure your house and keep out moisture and critters that could invade your basement.

If desired, optional trim can be installed to give your BED that finished look. Other options include; fixed glass window or opening window with screen. (additional charge applies)

Heres what you can expect from a CT Cellar Doors installation

  • Made of high strength insulated steel
  • Custom sized for a proper fit
  • Fully gasketed on all 4 sides
  • Standard keyed doorknob, optional deadbolt
  • Triple hinged for durability
  • Optional slide-up window and screen for light and ventilation

Highest Quality Materials

Our BED’s are made from the highest quality steel and insulated from the cold, keeping your basement warm and dry. Each door is custom fit within your opening and comes with a 2 key, lock set installed.

Expertly Installed

Each BED is expertly installed and if needed, extra framing is installed where no door has existed previously. Our BED installation will guarantee years and years of trouble free service and security.